Choose your accessories

Kiwi cookers was founded on that DIY (Do It Yourself) attitude so we are happy if you make your own cooker. However, let us do the hard part and provide you with our baskets and accessories.

All our products are made from Food Grade T304 stainless steel so they will last for years to come and will not contaminate your food with rust or galvanise poisoning like steel or chicken wire.

DIY Combo 1 - $225

1 x Full keg sized basket

1 x Windbreaker keg stand

1 x Manuka Smoking Pack

DIY Combo 2 - $275

2 x Half keg sized basket

1 x Windbreaker keg stand

1 x  Manuka Smoking Pack

Keg Baskets

 1 x Full Keg Basket – $110

1 x Half Keg basket -$85

2 x Half Keg baskets – $160

In Ground Basket

1 x basket 60cm x 60cm x 23cm $140 

2 for $250

Keg Extension Kit - $220

1 x Keg extension

1x Half keg sized basket


Gas Burners

1 x Single ring burner -$50

1 x Double ring burner -$80

1 x Triple ring burner -$110


Wind Breaker Stand

1 x Wind breaker keg stand – $60


Manuka for smoking - $15

 250g Sawdust

250g Fine chip (like Chainsaw dust)

250 g Coarse chip


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