Cooking Instructions

Here is a simple step by step guide as to how we at Kiwi Cookers like to use our Hangi cooker.

We recommend when you do your first cook that you keep an eye on your cooker at least half hourly. After your first cook you’ll be an expert at using your Kiwi Cooker.

Step One: First line your baskets with cabbage leaves or tin foil and place in your meat on the bottom.

Step Two: Next set your keg up on the stand with your burner underneath and gas bottle connected.

(optional): If you wish to pre-smoke your kai with Manuka wood chips, place a handful in the bottom of the keg then place your prepared baskets inside your keg cooker. Close the lid then turn your burner on high. Leave it to smoke for 20 mins.

Step Three: Pour a jug of boiling water (1.5 litres) in the bottom of your cooker and add your meat basket. Place a tea towel or hessian sack over the top of your keg then cover with the lid.
Tip:This helps to catch the steam and stops your food from going soggy as well as creating a seal between lid and base.

Step Four: Cook the meat for one hour before adding your vegetables on top or in the second basket. Cook for an additional 2 hours, topping up the water as necessary.

It’s as simple as that!

 The more you experiment with your kiwi cooker the more you’ll discover what works for you and what flavors and food you like to add. We love hearing how our kai cookers are being used and what food you love with your Hangi.

Send any photos or feedback to the Kiwi Cookers Facebook page to be in the running for exciting competitions.


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