multi kai cooker

Hand Made in Melbourne. Shipping Australia Wide.

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Kiwi Cooker Packages and Pricing

  1. Keg, burner, one 33cm basket is $300 (up to 30 People)
  2. Keg, burner, 1 20cm and 1 10cm basket combo is $350, (up to 30 People)
  3. Keg, burner, 1 15cm and 2 7.5cm basket combo is $400 ( up to 30 People)
  4. Jumbo kegs are $550 which includes the Keg, an extension, big 20cm and 33cm basket, burner and keg stand. (up to 70 people)
  5. Double extended Cooker is $700 which includes the Keg, 2 x extensions, a big 33cm basket, 2 x 20cm baskets, burner and keg stand (up to 100 people)

Accessory Pricing List

  • One big 33cm basket is $70
  • Keg/burner stands are optional and $5
  • Double 20cm and 10cm basket combo is $110
  • Triple basket 15cm and 2x 7.5cm combo is $140
  • Windbreaker Keg stands are $50
  • Keg extensions are $100 and a 20cm basket to suit is $50
  • Manuka wood dust 1.5L is $15
  • Manuka wood dust .75l sample is $10

All cookers now come with a free sample of manuka wood dust for pre smoking everything.

Your Kiwi Cooker can also be custom built to what your wanting, they can have basket combos change or bits added/taken away. If you require a custom order, please contact Kiwi Cookers via the contact page as pricing may change.

Shipping Details

Your kiwi cooker can be shipped Australia wide at a reasonable rate ($20-$50)

All international shipping to New Zealand is on a case by case bases but sadly at a steep $100+ due to shipping costs.


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