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 Once You’ve Tried Hangi, There Is  No Better Meal

But, did you know, you can now achieve the same delicious cooking style in a fraction of the time?

Introducing Kiwi Cookers…

An innovative take on the traditional in-ground cooking style of the Maori Hangi

Using re-purposed beer kegs, we’ve created this easy-to-use steam cooker that takes the time hassle out of cooking a hangi in the ground!

You can now cook large quantities of your favourite Kiwi food with ease……anywhere.

Multiple Uses

Kiwi Cookers are not just limited to healthy steam cooking or hangi style meals.

You can use Kiwi Cooker as a smoker, deep fryer or even a large boiling pot — perfect for crayfish and yabbies!

Baskets and More

We manufacture Hangi baskets (ground and keg) as well as windbreaker keg stands.

We sell NZ Manuka in chip, dust or chunk form.

We also do keg repairs or modifications. 

Fast, Hassle Free, Hangi Meals

Kiwi cookers pride themselves on bringing an affordable New Zealand favourite food to the Australian home and the world.

Our cookers take the hassle out of digging, fire permits and waiting time to bring you delicious healthy meals. Our sturdy stainless steel kegs and Hangi baskets (ground or keg) are built to stand the test of time.

With over 400 keg cookers enjoyed in homes all over Australia and around the world as well as being used for Tangi’s, raffles and charities to feed the homeless. Kiwi cookers is fast becoming a household name within the Australian Kiwi community.

Ship anywhere in Australia and New Zealand

Shipping World Wide

No matter where you live in the world, we can send you your new Hangi Cooker. Distance should never get in the way of a great feed. Click here for freight pricing.

Portable Hangi Cooker

Easy to move, with little space.

Our Kiwi Cookers are big enough to feed a crowd, small enough to fit in the boot and light enough to easily move around.

Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance

If you can clean the dishes, you can clean your cooker. Give the Hangi Baskets a quick clean, hose down the cooker and you’re ready for next time.

Easy Maintenance

Flexible Payment

We believe everyone should be able to afford their very own Kiwi Cooker so we offer payment options to suit your budget including flexible lay-by options.

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